Airport Kennel Company
 Fresh Air Pet Resort

Dog Services and Rates

What we offer

  • A fully State Licensed & Insured facility
  • Boarding for single nights or extended periods
  • Drop-off/pick up Monday through Saturday with new, extended hours
  • New Sunday Hours 3:00 - 5:00 PM (Pick Up Only)
  • Emergency vet on call
  • Large, roomy covered runs equipped with elevated “hammock” style beds, and located under the canopy of large shade trees
  • Comfy crates located indoors in a heated and air conditioned space with air purifiers, fans and music for rest and sleep times
  • Beautiful pastoral 3.5 acre setting
  • Secure chain-link fencing
  • Four ~1/4 acre play and exercise lots
  • On-site pond with a resident Great Blue Heron!
  • Supervised play / exercise times included, 60 minutes each session.
  • Seasoned handlers monitor all functions
  • On-site well; cool well water available at all times
  • Off-Leash freedom, fun, frolic and exercise
  • Kiddy pools splash times
  • Family business – same owners since 1998
  • Operations Manager and family lives on-site
  • Each pet receives hands-on attention and affection
  • Each pet receives exercise, socialization, and interaction
  • Clients are encouraged to bring their pet’s favorite bedding, blankets and toys
  • To ensure your pet’s utmost physical well-being, we ask that you supply your pet's own normal food
Beautiful and spacious exercise areas are appreciated by our 4-legged clients.

Covered Runs under the canopy of shade trees protect your pet from moderately inclement weather. Kuranda "hammock style" beds ensure the comfort of your pet.

Rates, Services and Requirements

  (Full Day/Night)

$25.00 - All Inclusive
What that means is that we do not charge extra for medications, unless it takes an additional employee to administer medication(s). The surcharge is $1.00 per dosage in addition to the boarding rate. 

 60-minute supervised exercise sessions per day. Dogs that require 1-on-1 supervision for any reason incur an additional $2.00 per day special attention fee.

Additional sessions are available at $4.00 per 30 minute session

DOG BOARDING RATES  (Daytime Only Mon-Fri)
(8:00 AM - 6:00 PM) $18.00
(Hourly Rate): $3.00 per hour
Rest assured that while you attend to your shopping, personal errands, are at work, or simply wish to get away for a few hours your fur-baby will be pampered by our staff. Scheduled playtimes, naps, and treats occur throughout the day

After 6:00 PM, the pet will not be available for pickup, and overnight boarding or after-hours pickup fees will be charged.

We also offer discounts for pre-pay options.


We encourage all owners to supply their pet's normal food from home in order to eliminate any change-of-diet related issues. Should you forget your food, or simply wish to utilize our kennel food, you should be aware that we feed the absolute best food for your pet for a per-meal charge of $1.00 per meal per pet.


Puppies must be old enough for rabies shots.  
All pets over 6 months are required to be spayed or neutered.  We cannot accept any pet that is over six months of age and intact, pregnant or in heat.

All pets must be on a veterinarian approved flea & tick preventative.  All pets must be flea- & tick-free.  Capstar pill will be given to any pet arriving with fleas or ticks- at owner's expense.


For the safety of your pet and requirements of North Carolina Department of Veterinary Medicine, we require proof of current vaccinations before we can board or day-board your pet.  Your veterinarian may fax these to us.  

  • Rabies Vaccination
  • Distemper / Parvo Vaccination
  • Canine Kennel Cough Vaccination
  • A dated negative fecal exam result, performed within the previous 6 months (we require two of these per year)
  • Pet MUST be spayed or neutered by the age of 6 months.


       We are here 365 days a year for your pet.  However, we are closed for check-in and check-out on holidays. Please inquire with Operations Manager for our Holiday schedule.

NOTE: As Holiday periods can be quite busy for the business, Holiday period reservations must be canceled three (3) full days prior to the scheduled arrival date. 


A holiday period NO-CALL, NO-SHOW will result in a required pre-pay for future reservations.


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