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Kennel Forms

Owner and Pet Information Form

OWNER (full names printed):______________________________________________

Mailing Address:__________________________________________________________

City:____________________________State:_______________Zip:________________ Phone(hm)_______________(wk)_______________(cell)________________________


Secondary Contact Info (optional):____________________________________________

Authorized to pick up my pet:______________________Phone:____________________

PET (Name):______________________________ Sex:______Age_____Weight______



TELL US ABOUT YOUR PET: (Mark the following with a “Y” or “N” or “?”)

Crate trained_____Socialized_____Bark collar____Fearful_____Overly excitable_____

Fence Climber_____Escape artist____Digs____Food aggressive____Chews bed_____Toy aggressive____

Snacks allowed______Bitten Pet/human_______ Any Restrictions__________________________________

Obedience Classes_______________________________Other training_____________________________

My Pet likes these activities:______________________________________________________________

Where have you boarded before and what was your experience?___________________________________

What do you like most about your canine?____________________________________________________

What do you like least about your canine?____________________________________________________

Is there any information you feel is important in regards to the care of your pet?______________________


Medical ~ please bring a copy of medical records showing that your pet is current;

  • A negative fecal exam every 6 months

  • Bordatella vaccine (kennel cough) ~ required every year for dogs

  • Distemper/Parvo combination ~ required every 1-3 years for dogs

  • Rabies ~ required every 1-3 years – for dogs AND cats

  • Feline Leukemia~ required every 1-3 years for cats

  • Flea Prevention (topical veterinarian approved)

Initial Here______________

  1. The owner understands that Airport Kennel Company (known as AKC) may have multiple trained staff members who care for the pet during their stay. There is more than one potential boarding location on the property where pets may be housed. Changing locations may be required in order to establish compatible co-mingling groups for exercise purposes. All pets receive the same care regardless of the physical location.

  2. The owner Agrees to pay the current rate for boarding in effect on the date when the pet is checked in, and further agrees that the pet shall not leave the kennel until all charges for services rendered are paid to the kennel by the Owner. Payment arrangements must be made in advance if your plans include someone else picking up your pet.

  3. The owner further understands and requests that their pet has social interactions with other pets during play and exercise times unless otherwise written or agreed upon.

  4. The owner understands that their pet will be comfortably crated at night and taken out to a roomy run during the day for adequate durations for potty, play, socializing and human attention.

  5. The owner brings their pet’s accustomed food and any medicine in the original prescription container.

  6. All collars / harnesses will be removed from animal during check-in (flea collars are not allowed).

  7. The owner states that their pet has not shown or displayed any aggressive, overly assertive or fearful behaviors towards other pets or humans and if so, information has been provided to AKC.

  8. If a visiting pet bites another pet/human (unprovoked), the owner will assume all liabilities. If provoked, AKC will determine a fair financial arrangement of accountability between the two owners.

  9. The owner guarantees their pet(s) are on veterinarian-approved flea prevention, and is free of fleas. Flea collars are not approved, as they may be toxic to other animals if ingested. Should a pet be found to have fleas, they will be bathed and/or dipped at the owner’s expense.

  10. The owner guarantees that their pet is free of any contagious diseases, and has not been sick for a 14-day period prior to boarding or daycare, nor been exposed to a sick pet. Should their pet become ill, the pet will be put in isolation or taken to a vet for medical care.

  11. The owner gives permission for AKC to seek medical attention if need arises. The owner agrees to pay for any medical fees sought on their behalf by AKC staff.

  12. Owner gives permission to AKC to act on owners behalf for anesthesia permissions. Initial: ______     

  13. The owner agrees that they are solely responsible for any harm or damage caused by their pet to persons or property of the Owners, employees, licensees, invitees of AKC, or any other pets housed or visiting AKC.

  14. The owner will not hold AKC and any staff or ‘handler’ responsible for any situation that can arise with pets and all the things that can occur with pets whether it is natural, unnatural, unusual, or unexpected.

  15. The owner recognizes that there are inherent risks of illness or injury when in a co-mingling environment. Such risks include, but are not limited to problems resulting from rough play, colds, diarrhea, etc.

  16. The owner has provided AKC with all pertinent information on their pet and their care.

  17. Permission is given by owner to photograph pets for marketing purposes, and compensation is not required.

My signature below shows that all the information listed is understood and agreed upon.

___________________________________________ _______________________________

Signature Date

Pet Grooming Form



Home: ________________________           Cell: _______________________

Work: ________________________         Other:_______________________


Pet Name: _______________________________________________



Birth Date: _______________________      Sex:    Male: _____  Female: _____

Is your pet? :        Spayed: _____  Neutered: _____  Unaltered: _____


In case of emergency, is there anyone you would like for us to contact if you cannot be reached?


Does your pet have any of the following? (Please "X" all that apply.)

Diabetes: _____  Arthritis: _____  Seizures: _____  Skin Growths: _____       

Allergies/Dry Skin: _____  Blindness: _____  Deafness: _____  Sensitive Skin: _____

Do you currently use flea & tick control?                                         (Yes/No):_____
Would you like bows or bandannas?                                               (Yes/No):_____
Would you like cologne?                                                               (Yes/No):_____
Is your dog allowed to co-mingle with other dogs while it is here?      (Yes/No):_____
How did you hear about us? 


I agree to save and hold harmless Airport Kennel Company, and it's independent contracted groomers, from any damages that may arise from any pre-existing condition(s) that affects my pet including, but not limited to, advanced age, previous injury, health conditions or severe matting. In the event of an emergency, I hereby authorize Airport Kennel Company and any of its agents to seek medical attention for my pet, at my expense.

Signature:_____________________________________ Date:____________________________

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